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Why should we visit a veterinarian?

Just like humans they also need medical attention to be taken they can't speak but definitely feel. The regular visit helps you to know the condition of your pet internally also helps you to read his moods. Petcelo veterinarians are well trained and specialists in their job field. It takes years of practice to ensure the medical condition of pets is stable and we are very best at it.

What basic things could we ask from the vet?

  • What diet do you recommend? 
  • Sign of sickness?
  • How Many times should i feed them?
  • What should i have for the emergency kit?

Vet Plan's

Pet caring is now at an affordable price.

Birth Control Surgery

10999/2 day's

Vet Annual plan

9999/4 day's

Vaccination Plan

4999/5 day's

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Saturday 21st, 2021

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